Friday, November 26, 2010

Just walking around

I took this about a week ago with the Sigma 10-20mm.

I took this on the same day while taking a short hike on one of the trails. Everything is brown now and the leaves are gone, unless you look on the ground and then they are everywhere!


  1. You certainly captured some good color on that walkabout! Wonderful shot of the grasses blending into the trees.

    So the leaves are down? Might make walking around a little more interesting??

  2. You must have turned up the saturation on your camera, either that or Oklahoma is one colourful place this time of year!

    Both nice pictures, but I sure love what the Sigma 10-20 can do as evidenced in the top shot.

  3. I actually have the saturation set at normal. I took this late in the afternoon and the sun was hitting the trees just right. There are some colorful places here but I think the majority of the color came from having the right light.

    I got lucky!


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