Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cloud Formation

I took this photo after hunting the other day. The wind was blowing pretty steady and the clouds were constantly changing. Thought this was neat with the sun breaking through the cloud.


  1. Aaron, you have a skill to pick out an object to shoot. Normally, people have to pratice for years to have this skill. I hope you have CP, ND filters, and a Gitzo tripod on your wish list. Nice work!

  2. Filters and tripod yes, maybe not the Gitzo tripod. I am a young guy starting out a family, maybe in time. Unless you would like to give me a birthday present!!!

  3. I like this shot of the sky. You and Paul need to get together and see if you can get a group deal on some filters! LOL

    A CPL filter would have made a difference in how this looked.

  4. Good eye for subject matter! Angry looking clouds are interesting.

  5. Looks like trouble brewing in those clouds for sure! Nice shooting!

    Gitzo tripod and filters for sure but don't forget to ask for a Sigma 10-20 to go with!


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