Friday, November 12, 2010

Tis the season

I guess the hunters that were here last week weren't very good at what they do!

It seems the bucks are everywhere you look and they were kind enough to pose in front of the colorful leaves for me.

These were all shot with the Tamron 18-250mm, most at 250mm


  1. Either the hunters wern't very good or these bucks are real good!
    I can see it now... A bunch of bucks hiding out in the deepest part of the forest with a calender, a felt pen and a copy of the hunting regulations...
    All three wonderful buck pictures and the landscape you captured them in is in beautiful fall colours! Nice shooting!

  2. Very nice photos! I'm just curious, are you visible to the hunter? It seems to me you camouflage very well for those bucks could not see you. Just thinking about safety for you brother.

  3. Good captures on the bucks.! The fall colors are really bright. Great time of year to be in the mountains. Sure wish I could get away to be there but have other things going on right now.

  4. The hunters are gone Q. They get 2 1/2 days to hunt the deer and during that time the areas where they are hunting are closed off to hiking.

    I appreciate you looking out for me but I'm no dummy, I don't trust most hunters not to shoot the first thing that moves! LOL


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