Saturday, November 13, 2010

Rainforest Retreat

Found this float house at the eastern end of Great Centeral Lake near Port Alberni. What an interesting place for a home! Talk about living close to nature...

It was raining heavily at the time I took the picture so it was quite hazy and washed out looking. I cleaned the picture up best as I could in Photoshop then added a nice border to distract everyone from the poor quality photograph. This is another place I fully intend to return to on a nicer day and take some proper pictures, I might even use a tripod next time!


  1. This is my kind of place!

    When you click on it to look at the big image you can sure tell it's raining. I think this is a pretty good photo given the circumstances that it was taken in. Good work!

  2. Very interesting place it is! Appears to be very isolated. I wonder if the only way in and out is by water? The roaring waterfall adds to the character of this place.

    Good pic of a unique living choice!

  3. Very nice job on the composition. The water falls really add a good touch to this picture. I wonder we could live in this floating house by seasonal, it would be nice floating around on Hawaii coast in the winter, and back to Port Alberni in the summer.


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