Friday, November 12, 2010


After I saw those wonderful railroad photos from Paul, I want to take this apportunity to show my Christopher how to use my old D2x after school today. As I explaining the buttons on the camera, here comes my other son decided to do the balance act infront my camera. By the way, I have applied the Indian Summer filter from NIK color efex pro software to change the trees into one solid color.


  1. Interesting almost surreal effect using NIK filter, and yet it does not appear to have effected your sons skin tone or shirt colour which looks just as it should.

  2. Really like the Indian Summer filter effect.

    Seems all young boys like to walk the rails of the tracks.

  3. I like these shots! I like the effects you applied to them.

    Are you teaching Christopher to always have a tripod and not listen to what I say? LOL


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