Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wichita Mountains.

I miss my Mommy!

Copying this shot from Parker.

To make this cow looking at me, I have to made some noise on this shot. Otherwise, she or he keeps the head down eating the grass.


  1. I think I recognize that place! LOL

    I'm not sure if you were making the cow look up or just making it mad!! I'd say you may have been tempting fate there. LOL

    All three are nice shots. I think I like the top one the best just because your son is in it. Looks like he is meditating and at a good place too.

  2. I believe I've been there also.LOL

    Nice set of pics!

    Wish the Dam had water going over the spillway for you. I also like the B&W of the little Guy sitting and wondering whats next!

  3. I assume these photographs are from your trip to Oklahoma, looks like you had good weather!

    All three very nice photographs though the middle photo stands out to me.

    Presenting the top photo in B&W is perfect for this shot.

    I hope you had a fence between yourself and that rather large horned cow when you were getting it's attention!

  4. Wonderful shots! 3rd one is good angle. Is he/she a wild cow?

  5. Yas, I'm not sure it's wild or not. Maybe Ron could answer that question.


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