Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dead Trees.

These pictures are from behind the building of Wichita mountain visitor center. Yeah, I have been taking picture nothing but rocks, weeds, and dead trees. I think I need to go back to work, you probably think that I'm getting weird.
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.


  1. "Q" I thank these Pics are excellent! I have been by the Visitor Center hundreds of times and never gave a thought about taking a pic of these skeletons! B&W was the perfect choice.

    Many pardons for not getting to come down to meet you and your boys. But there is always next time. I know you were in good hands with Ron & Cheryl as they always make your visit special. I hope you enjoyed the Refuge as much as I do.

  2. I agree, these look really good in B&W.

    I've never even thought about going to the Visitor's Center to take photos, I guess I'm trying too hard! LOL

    Rocks, weeds and dead trees? You certaintly came to the right spot for those! A good photo is a good photo no matter what the subject and you always have good photos!

  3. When I see visitors to where I live taking pictures of what I look at every day I am amused... When I am away from familiar surroundings I take pictures that must make the people who live there amused!
    It's good to travel it opens your eyes!

    Nice group of photos, presenting these in B&W is perfect and nice framing to go with!


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