Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Keltic Sunset

The sun came out the other day so I went out shooting... With the camera, remote shutter release and tripod.

Captured this sunset at Keltic Cannery in Hardy Bay. This picture is actually the best parts of three photographs at different exposures stitched together (poor man's HDR) then embellished (madly saturated) and framed all using Photoshop.
This is the original properly exposed photo. It is difficult to get the total dynamic range of all that the human eye can see with a camera in one picture, thus the three pictures put together. There are also programs you can use that do all the editing work for you. Google "HDR" (High Dynamic Range) for more information.


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  2. Someone getting really creative on the framing. Nice shot! I have play around the HDR on CS5 few months ago, the software default for 5 or 7 frames. I'm not sure your camera could do expo-bracketing for more than 3 frames or not. On my camera, I can set this up in the camera menu to bracketing from 3 to 7 frames. I think more frames could provide more data for processing. Good Work!

  3. I agree with Q, you're getting pretty good with the frames. HDR, now you're going to have to post a "how to" on that so I can keep up.

    As much as I don't want it to get cold I guess it neds to get cold for a while so I can do some learning on the photo programs.

    I like the finished product on your photo. The added colors make it a lot nicer picture. Good job on the photshop!

  4. Very nice! Good to see you progressing so quickly and expertly with Photoshop! Maybe one of these days I will make the jump.


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