Monday, November 1, 2010

That tree again

Q requested I try a re-shoot of the first tree photo I shot. Once we got a few clouds in the sky for some texture I took my tripod and wide angle lens and did just that.

I don't think this is the rule of thirds but if I got to much more open space in the photo you would see the road in behind the tree.

This is the black and white version adjusted in Elements 7, just for Paul.

This is the same tree but from a different angle. This is actually two photos in one. The first photo I shot with the aperture set to light the foreground and the second shot I set it to get the colors in the sky. Using Elements 7 I cut the bottom portion of the first photo and put it in on top of the second photo so that the lighting would be the way I wanted it in the whole photo.

I still need to practice with this technique a little because there is another way of doing it but I couldn't figure that one out. Computers tend to frustrate me to no end. I need to get a softer desk so when I bang my head on it it won't hurt so bad! LOL


  1. The bottom photo looks awesome, even though you probably have a headache from it.

  2. The bottom shot is dramatic. I like the simplicity of the top composition.

  3. Thank you for taking your time to do re-shoot on this awesome location. I like the bottom photo the most, you have pick the perfect time to shoot this photo, I wish I were there with you. Yeah, I was banging my head on the remote control all night while watching the World Series. Good Work!

  4. Without a doubt the bottom photograph is outstanding! Nice shooting!

  5. Great job of using Elements. What a difference from start to finish!


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