Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cobblestone Haven

It's so much fun to explore the Wichita Mountains especially when I'm with my husband and my best friend Ron. :)

I Love unique structures and this abandoned building on the Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma called to me. The cobblestones are very warm and inviting so of course I had to explore every inch of this little hide away.



  1. Well, I can definately see the ladies touch in this photo. Curtains on the windows.

    Very well composed and the lighting brings the cobblestones to the front. Well done!

  2. Often my Wife and I go out hiking and each of us take pictures of this and that with our respective cameras, me with my fancy Nikon and her with a point and shoot. At the end of the day we compare photographs.

    Though my pictures are nice, my Wife always comes up with the more interesting shots! I suspect it's a gal thing, having an eye for the more interesting pictures as evidenced in your cobblestone picture. Great capture!


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