Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Night & Day

Cheryl and I were sitting by the fire in our front yard a few nights ago and this guy came sneaking up behind us. I was able to go into the house and get my camera and come back out without him moving more than just a few feet.

This is the same buck the next morning just about 100 feet from where he was the night before.

And here is a photo of the same buck and the reason he was hanging around.

As a side note, Q was here for the last three days camping with his sons. He was kind enough to invite Cheryl and I to his campsite for dinner and last night and I gotta tell ya, the man can cook as good as he takes photos! We had some of the best ribs I have ever had. Parker, you missed out big time!!

I thought about taking a picture of the big pile of Asian short ribs he had sitting on the table so I could post it here but that was only AFTER we had eaten most of the ribs. I definitely had more than my share. If Q cooks like that on his photo shoots I will gladly carry his gear fo him as long as he feeds me.


  1. I can clean your dishes anytime if I could have Cheryl Pineapple upside down cake again. My wife had a pice of that cake, and she would love to have the recipe. Thank you for everything, you and Cheryl such a good host. My kids could not stop talking about the camping trip, and they are crazy about the cake. I think we are going back this Spring break, and more short ribs this time. Also, hoppefully this time I could have Parker wife apple pie. By the way, I think I saw the same deer on the second picture came by my campsite.

  2. Ron you are killing me with these amazing deer photographs! WOW! I could see the middle photo used as a hunting magazine cover or for an amunition advertisement or the like.

    Sounds like Q and family had a good time visiting your part of the world. All this talk about delicous food, I can hardly wait until one of us wins the lottery, then we can all get together and feast on "Chef Q's" ribs (in Hawaii of course)! I wonder if they have special containers for shipping Pineapple upside down cake and ribs to Canada... LOL

  3. Really good pics!! I bet he's thankful that you were only armed with a camera, because you definately have him in your sights! LOL

    RIBS & PINEAPPLE UPSIDE DOWN CAKE!!! Man did I ever miss out!


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