Sunday, November 14, 2010

Double take

So there I was driving through Coal Harbour the other day when right there beside the road is this little bird just hanging out semingly unafraid of my big noisy diesel pickup truck as I drove by...

Wait just a minute I said to myself as I came to a stop in the middle of the road (You can do that in Coal Harbour). That looks like one of those tame little birds you see everywhere in Hawaii! So I backed up, put the Sigma 120-400 on the camera, got out and took a few shots.

I'm thinking to myself this has got to be global warming finding one of these little fellows up here in Canada all by it's self.

Later on when I got home I dug out the bird book and with disapointment came to find that my little bird was a Mourning Dove and not a Zebra Dove as is found in Hawaii. Though I'm sure you can apreciate my confusion!

Mourning Dove
Zebra Dove


  1. The way its feathers are puffed up it must have been a tad on the cool side.

    Novel idea, if you can't be in Hawaii at the moment, bring a part of it home! LOL

    Funny narrative and a nice little bird trivia.

  2. I don't know.... I think you may just have Hawaii on teh brain since Q put up a couple of shots the other day. LOL

    People stop in the middle of the road here all of the time. The difference is they just don't care if they aren't supposed to!

    Those are both nice shots with good lighting. I think Parker is right though, the top one looks cold.


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