Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Corn Field.

I took this picture after a job interview from other day. After 3 hours intense interview, I just want get out to open field and scream. However, I found this corn field it has a unique trenches to it, and decided to take some photos. Not sure what the farmer ready to do on this field! But, I found some corns near by, and placed next to the trench to add an object to the picture. I hope you like it.


  1. A three hour interview? I'd be ready to scream too! I hope you get the job!!

    Nice shot on the corn field. I don't know what kind of farming that is though! LOL Never seen a corn field like that before.

  2. Q this is a really nice shot! I really like the way all the rows of the field start in the upper left corner and radiate out to fill the frame. Nice touch on the ears of corn. B&W is the perfect format.

    More than likely corn is what is planted, although it will be just a kernel placed by the planter at intervals of his choice. This kernel is planted in the top of the furrow and the bottom of the furrow is for collecting water whether from irragation or rain. By the way alot of the farming done today is with the use of a GPS unit which lays out the rows in a uniform pattern.

  3. What an interesting picture! One doesn't realize the scale of things until you see the corn for reference.

    Can't say as I have ever seen rows setup like this before, be interesting to see the machine that does the work.

  4. By the way good luck on that job interview!


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