Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cooking Hamburger on Kauai.

These photos are from our vacation to Kauai in Summer 2009. Christopher took this picture on a Canon point and shoot camera.

This is a view to my right on the first picture. We did enjoyed our hamburgers with this view, and along with other meals also. I'm counting down the days, I think we have 7 more months to go before I see this view again.


  1. Living the Good Life !

    What a place for a vacation!

  2. A Canon??? And here I thought you were bringing your son up right! LOL

    Burgers and Hawaii, throw in a couple of cold beers and you have paradise!

    Really nice capture, for a Canon :~) on the bottom photo. Witht he rough waves and the low clouds it looks like a storm is brewing up.

  3. Oh man... Now you got me thinking about Hawaii!

    With a view like that I can see why you are drawn to Kauai and counting the days until you return!

    Good shooting Christopher even if you did use a Canon! LOL


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