Wednesday, November 3, 2010


After the opening of the Indian Lands in Oklahoma, mining began in the Wichitas, all to be over with by 1907,the year of our Statehood. Miners were said to be numerous. Upon locating a place to mine a Monument was required to mark your claim. While hiking and bushwacking a remote area my hiking partner and I found this monument or cairn. Knowing a mine would be located nearby we began searching.
Sure enough over the rise the debris from this pristene " Glory Hole " was spotted!
It appeared as if it was just abandoned yesterday instead of a Hundred Years ago!
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  1. What a cool find! Good photos of your find too.

    So just what were they mining for in this area 100 years ago?

    As a bottle hound I would be looking for their old dump site, who can say what you might find!

  2. These miners were primarily hunting for gold, but there are reports of copper and lead also. Zircon was another. None were successful.

    As this is located on a Federal Wildlife Refuge all that you can leave with are memories and pictures! No digging allowed.

    Any pics of old bottles?

  3. Good story go along with the pictures. Thanks for sharing Parker.

  4. No digging????? Since when? LOL

    Nice shots and a nice story. I think I saw that cairn just yesterday.


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