Saturday, November 13, 2010

Just chillin'

I've been practicing my "ninja stealth" moves this week trying to get closer and closer to the bucks.
These two photos are of the same buck but from different angles.

These were both shot with the Tamron 18-250mm at 250mm.


  1. It just keeps getting better! Wish I was there shooting my share of those big boys ( with my camera of course ).

    Clarity of that Top Photo (pun intended) is really good for 250mm.

    Keep'em coming!

  2. I can see he's keeping a close eye on you but dosn't look real worried... Pretty soon you'll have him eating out of your hand and will have to use your Sigma 10-20! LOL

    I especially like the top shot for the fact that your subject is totally in his element. Nice shooting!


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