Monday, July 18, 2011

103 and rising!

I figured as long as it was going to feel like a desert I might as well put up a desert photo.

This was taken near the Superstition Mountains in Arizona with the Nikon D80. I converted it to black and white in Nikon's Capture NX2 and put the frame on it and cloned out a couple of dust spots in Adobe Photoshop CS4. I think the NX2 software does a better job of converting to black and white than photoshop does.


  1. Stark, Deserted, Remote, Dry, Forbidding, Dangerous, and so Hot you cannot breathe! 103 would be lite on the high side of the thermometer. I feel Hot!!

    Nice conversion. Clouds or Contrails? Very nice how they paint the sky!!

  2. Just clouds. That's one of the things I liked about the shot and why I converted it to black and white. The lines of the clouds showed better in black and white and the mountains in the background had more detail in them too.

  3. Very nice! Looks like a setting for an old duster, only better.

    Pretty hot down your way these days I understand... Finally quit raining here on the Coast.

  4. Not only are the clouds linear, the shadows in the foreground from the Saquero and creoste bush are producing distinct lines. Well balanced shot!

  5. Nice job to converted to B&W. All you need is a cowboy on a horse in the frame.


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