Sunday, July 17, 2011

I've got my eye on you

Go ahead, put that canoe in the water. I dare you!

I took this one at the St. Louis zoo a few years back with my Nikon D-80 using the Tamron 18-250mm lens. It was just like I was standing in the water with the hippo. Something I would never do, I might add. LOL

As an FYI for our photographers. I just wanted to let you know I've been watching the stats for the blog the last few days and we have been getting hits from all over the world including China, Germany, France, Spain, Indonesia, Australia, Canada and Maylasia to mention a few.

One of the big search phrases that is bringing people to the site is "Hawaii" and "How to photograph Hawaii". We've also gotten some hits from searches on "reviews of equipment" (specifically Paul's review of his backpack), "camera equipment" in general and as a special mention, Parker's Rain Dance photos and article has gotten several hits just this week from the search engines.

Keep up the good work guys!


  1. Uh, Don't think I want to play in his pond! This left over from the dinosaur days posing in its stealth mode (nose up to smell you with, periscope eyes to see you with, ears twitching back and forth to hear you with) sure hides the fact that there is still at least a ton of him still hiding below the water! OK, if you would never stand in the water with him, how did you ever get Cheryl to take this pic?? LOL.

    Thats interesting stats you've found there. I applaude you guys!!

  2. I thought those were rocks at first. Nice abstract look to this shot.

  3. You don't have to applaude us, you're part of this rag tag bunch too and your posts are getting as many hits as anybody elses.

    Good job to you!

    Now one of us needs to win the lottery so we can ALL go to Hawaii and take photos.

  4. Yup! And with new Nikons and accesories to boot!

  5. At first glance this looks like an o'l log with big knot holes floating there! Nice close in picture.

    Interesting about all the hits from around the golbe to look in on our little blog! Who would have known?

    Levonne sounds like you are in on the "If one of us wins the lottery we're all going to Hawaii" deal...

  6. New Nikons and accesories? Put me down for a D3X!! LOL

  7. Very good angle on this picture. With this angle, it looks like to me that you are swimming with the monsters.

    It's good to know that someone from around the world looking at this blog.

    Please give a big applause to the creator of this blog.


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