Friday, July 29, 2011

Water Falls

To get this shot, I have to set my tripod in the water, and mounted a ND -8 stops filter. M. exposure, f/16, shutter speed 50 sec., -1/3 exp. comp., and preset white balance.


  1. I like these a lot. I'm going back and forth between the first and third as being my favorite.

    The dark rock and the little hint of green from the moss and trees really make these nice.

    Maybe a Hawaiian diver jumping from the top of the falls would look good? LOL

  2. You went the extra mile for your set up to get these pics. And it payed off! Camera settings produced the feeling and look of a Falls of Sunlight streaming over the rocks.

  3. These are splended! The long exposure gives these pictures that surreal almost faery tale look.

    I especially like the way the colours came out in the top photo in this series.


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