Monday, July 11, 2011

A sea of yellow

I took this one in the Wichita Mountains around the end of May during one of the several hikes I took just before I left. I shot it with the Nikon S8100 point and shoot. You can tell, huh? No tripod and just barely at ground level. I found it hard to get down low enough to take the shot and then be able to get back up while wearing my pack. I was too lazy to take the pack off.

It finally rained there enough that the wild flowers actually bloomed. Now there is another burn ban on and it looks like it may last the whole summer.


  1. From the outside in.
    Frame well chosen. Highlighted the pic.
    Nothing like a riot of color from the Sneezeweed.
    Identified by Elise Smith in her Book "Wildflower Watching in the Wichitas"
    A nice pic is a nice pic, no matter the quality of the camera!

  2. I agree with Parker... Don't matter what the camera thats a good picture! Nice shooting.

  3. It's hard to tell it came from the S8100. In the normal lighting, the point and shoot cameras just as good as the DSLR.
    Hopefully, we going to get some rain soon, and the heat out of triple digits.


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