Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Hard at work below the handcrafted sign that our own Ron created just for him is Mark watching over his own handiwork. HOMEMADE FROM SCRATCH "PEACH COBBLER". Can I hear a couple of 'YUMS" ? And if that was not enough the other oven held a Cherry Pie with a lattice woven crust! Apologize to Mark and readers for not getting a pic of that work of art but believe me the piece I had with ice cream, after the large helping of the cobbler, would give any cobbler and piemaker a run for their money!

Dutch Oven cooking is a learned skill and Mark certainly has a grasp on it. Breakfast at his camp from the ovens I'm told is a treat to behold! Bisquits, bacon and sausage with eggs, sausage cream gravy, hot coffee (wonder if its Arbuckles) from the granite pot I showed in an earlier post.

To cap this post off if you need a speciality sign see Ron. If you ever are camped out and hear cast iron dutch ovens clanging around and see Mark hanging his sign, make friends as soon as possible, you are in for a Treat . Mark and his extended family will give friendly conversation to boot!
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  1. Now that's what I called a camping trip. Thanks for the story Parker.

  2. Here's your sign! LOL

    Mark and his wife were just here yesterday but he left the dutch ovens at home.

    He can cook a mean cobbler!

    Those are a couple of nice shots. Makes me hungry!

  3. Clearly this man is a master of the Dutch Oven as evidenced in your pictures and well written commentary.

    Please excuse me while I get a towel to drool on... Peach cobbler sounds soo good just now. LOL

  4. Nice looking sign too by the way!


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