Thursday, July 7, 2011


When the Hot Days of Summer set in the Kids always find a way to keep theirselves occupied and beat the Heat.

The swimming hole on Medicine Creek is one sure fire way. Another way is a little fishing from the pier at Quanah Parker Lake.

Just for fun tried to give these pics a 60's Poloroid feel. Goofy editing for sure but its summer fun for an old kid!
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  1. Your attempt to give your photos the poloroid look worked out perfectly! Nicely done.

    Did you come up with these frames yourself or were they on your editing program? Either way really like the look!

  2. Found the frames on Picnic editing program. It reached 108F yesterday so I was just toying around inside all day playing on the computer and absorbing the A/C.

  3. Just 77 here yesterday! :~)

    Cool frames! I guess I'm not the only old dog that can learn new tricks! LOL

    I like the fishing picture a lot. The dam just leads you right out to the water.


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