Saturday, July 23, 2011

Old Map

You mean like this Paul?  :~)

This is an original Jesse James map that was drawn on oil cloth in the 1800's. For obvious reasons I have cropped the photo not to include the entire map. I have the original in a double pane glass frame that I keep covered from the light so it doesn't fade any more than it already has.


  1. Verrry Interesting... (And very cool!)

  2. Very Cool indeed. Every time I see this Map my pulse rate picks up. A real choice find!

  3. Good thing you cropped it, one of your friends might grab a shovel..LOL

  4. Is this a treasure map? If it's, I hope they haven't find all the hidden treasures from this map. Also, I wish in the near future, you could accomplish something out of this map.

  5. Q, this is indeed a treasure map. I have had the original for several years now and have only worked on it a little. It's possible a friend of mine has figured out the location that this map goes to but we are waiting until this winter when it cools down to go look and see if he is right.

    Maybe I won't need the lottery! LOL

  6. I have a similar map, drawn on back of old table cloth. Has similar markings like you small pic here.
    email me at


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