Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A learning process

Lesson number one: Double check the information from your son! Aaron had it all worked out so we would have a good line of site to the show however....

 We ended up being in the wrong spot. We were set up for the fireworks to be north west of us and they ended up being north east of us. This meant we had to shoot around some trees, power lines and lights. Next year I think I will do a little bit of daytime recon to make sure where the show is going to be and to rub it in a little on Aaron! LOL

This one is just for Q, It's a fireworks palm tree just to remind him of Hawaii.
I knew this one was going to look like this, you believe me don't you? LOL

I even used my tripod!


  1. Another "BANG UP" job ! Seems like your location ended very well.
    Good job all around. I'm sure you have made Q's day(or evening) by using the Tri-Pod!!LOL

  2. I hope you did not forget to removed the price tag on your tripod. LOL

    You have done a great job on these photos. The colors, and sharpness is right on the money.

    Thank you for the palm tree, I'm really need this.

    Also, since you got the tripod out of the box, please leave in the trunk of your car. LOL

  3. Thanks Q! I think I got a little lucky, I "only" shot 130 photos to get a few good ones!

    I will leave the tripod in the trunk of my car but it will probably stay there too! LOL

  4. You own a tripod... Really? LOL

    You came up with some real spetacular shots! I especially like the Palm Tree shot.


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