Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Poipu, Kauai

African tree on the left.

In late 1800's the sugar plantation owner brought these African tree to Kauai. The purpose for these tree is that to blocks the winds so the sugar cane would grow straight up. This is a big mistake by the owner, by now most of the island are infested by this tree . Not only Kauai facing this problem, but the others Hawaii islands have to struggles with other unwanted plants that brought over from the human.

Some of the Hawaiian are still using their local plants for the medicine. Our Kayak tour guide have point out one of the tree on our trail to the secret falls. Instead of taking pain medications, he have using the leaves from this tree to ease the pain from his dislocated shoulder.


  1. The top two photos are masterfully done. Color is just amazing! Well thought out exposure and composure is evident and I do believe that your tripod was in use. Seems to me that on this trip your pics have taken on a new look. The color hues and values appears different. Are we seeing a new interpretation or am I just imagining this? Either way I'm loving what I see.

    Very nice narrative. I don't know of a case where man ever introduced a species from another area that improved anything! Good story about the Folk Medicine.

  2. Thank you Parker! You are correct, on this trip I have tried a different way on my photos.

    I'm glad that you like what you see. Again Thank You!

  3. Where to start??

    These are really great! I especially like the top one because of the texture and colors int he clouds.

    With that said though, the bottom one really gives you that feel of being on safari. If you hadn't said it was taken in Hawaii I would have thought you made a trip to Africa. Very nice!

  4. Nicely done with the ND filter on the top two photos and the sepia / warming filter finish really sets these pictures apart!

    I have to agree with Ron on the bottom photo definately has that African Savana look to it!

    And to top it all off you have provided an excellent narative to go with! Great post Q!


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