Friday, July 15, 2011

Looking up or Looking down?

I thought the deep blue contrasted well against the clouds so I took a photo. Once I started to play with this in CS4 (cropping and the frame) I thought that this could be looked at either way. Was I in the sky shooting water or was I on the ground shooting sky?

Just stare at the blue area and see what you think. You are getting verrry sleepy. :~)


  1. You and Paul are getting good with CS4 program. You need to teach me some of your tricks. I like the way you compose the blue sky in the center the picture. You going to find a lot skies like this Hawaii.

  2. I think I'm f a l l i n g.......

    Nope, that was just my hammock swaying. I must be looking up!

  3. Three times I've tried to write a comment on this picture but keep falling into a trance before I can finish...LOL
    Beautiful patch of blue sky you have captured in this photograph!


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