Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pretty little wild flowers

Spring and Summer here on the West Coast has been cooler and wetter than normal which has caused some plants to do better and others not so good. Usually these little flowers are hard to find amongst the other plants but this year they seem to have come into their own!

Sorry to dash your hopes for me Q, but I took both of these pictures one handed while walking allong with my camera and big mug of coffee...


  1. Nice colors in these flowers. Interesting pattern in the growth of the petals.

    I've found the same thing here regarding the growth of wildflowers related to conditions in the weather. Also I really noticed plants and flowers growing that I had not seen before after the wildfires and controlled burns held on the Refuge. The fires are most beneficial to plants and animals alike.

    ....my camera and big mug of coffee.....Just how hard did you work for these shots? Must be nice to walk out of the house, capture a pic or two......hope you didn't spill your coffee!LOL

  2. Nice shots! Especially for one handed while hanging on to the elixer of life i nthe other!

    The bottom photo is really great. I like the diferent contrasting colors.

  3. If I can get the sharpness like this on the handheld, I would give my tripod away.


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