Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dallas World Aquarium.

After I saw Ron underwater shoots, I just want to try it out without getting wet. Boy, it's not easy to get correct exposure on the bottom picture. Now I'm really appreciated our old friend Ron have to works hard on those underwater pictures.


  1. I like these. This is the way that all my underwater pics will be taken unless I'm on a glass bottom boat!

    Nice place to visit on these hot days.

  2. These are nice, cheating, but nice! LOL! I have a few of these myself. Not from the Dallas aquarium though.

    It's actually a lot easier to get the right exposure when you're underwater than it is in this kind of setting.

    Parker, you're not afraid of a little water are you? LOL

  3. Not really. Just some of the creatures that reside in Salt Water! Hard to run them a foot race if needed!

  4. Like shooting fish in a barrel... LOL

    These came out real good, nice bright colors!


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