Monday, July 4, 2011


CS4 Photomerge... Panorama tool. The above picture is 8 pictures taken with the Sigma ultrawide at 10mm in Portrait orientation (On its side). Though this is my first attempt doing a panorama with CS4 I am quite happy with the results.

To stitch pictures together in CS4 select the square box in the top tool bar with "Br" in it. (I think this stands for bridge). In the window this brings up and in the upper tool bar select "Tools". Then select "Photoshop" and in that dropdown menu select "Photomerge". From there on follow the prompts to select your pictures etc...


  1. This is a great picture on the wall. You have done a good job to control the lighting on this picture. Did you handheld for all 8 pictures?

  2. Wow! This is great. It's seamless, I wouldn't have known you stitched together photos if you hadn't have said something.

    Once again, thanks for the lesson. I need to be printing these out!

  3. This process seems so technical to me. You are really getting a grasp on the CS4 program along with Photoshop. Everything you have produced so far is nice. Can't wait to see more experimenting shots. I applaude you 'Professor' !! Thanks for the knowledge.

  4. Q these pictures are all hand held but at 10mm it's hard to get a blurry shot. As far as lighting I have my camera set to -0.7ev I find it's I get better color and contrast even after I brighten the picture up also a faster shutter speed or lower ISO in this way.

    Thank you Parker for the honorary Professor status... Truth be known most of my info comes straight off the internet.


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