Saturday, July 23, 2011

Just for Parker

I know this photo doesn't have the aesthetic value that we normally look for in our photos but...

Before I left the refuge Parker and I and one of our friends took a little hike (about four miles I think) and one of our goals was to show this marker to Parker. Unfortunately, our friend developed some health issues and with the heat we had to abandon the hunt early and return to the car before we located it.

I was digging through my old photos this morning and came across this one so I thought I would post it for Parker. This marker stands about four and a half feet tall. I'm still not sure what it's for but maybe I will figure that out next year. I apologize if I'm boring the non-treasure hunters.


  1. Now you just need the old faded and tattered hand drawn map to tell how many paces and what direction from there to the big X marks the spot!
    I wonder how many years these stones have been stacked up like this and who stacked them...

  2. Oh ye of little faith, check the blog again Paul. I put up something just for you this time! LOL

  3. Very nice photo of this interesting marker. That area requires alot more exploring. Seems there is always more questions than answers!

    Paul if these stacked rocks date to the mining era that would have been around 1900. If tied to the Spanish subtract a few hundred more! Research is fun and interesting but I think Finding would be the Ultimate!

  4. This is one bring back a good memories in the Utah, that I saw these markers on the trail to False Keva. It wasn't stacked this high, but without it, I don't think we would find our way back at night.


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