Thursday, July 21, 2011

Food Picture.

Beef tenderloin salad with ginger sauce.

Papaya salad with ginger sauce.

Fried Red Snapper with chilli sauce.

This is my dinner tonight. What did you eat?


  1. If these tastefully and appealing photos don't make you hungry I wouldn't know what would.

    You folks sure eat well around your house. That snapper sure looks good.

    No pics but we had bacon wrapped chicken breasts stuffed with cream cheese, onion and chives. Pea salad and sliced tomatoes. Very tasty its self.

    Hunting and pecking on this keyboard while eating a bowl of Cheerios this morning at 7:44 AM.

  2. Very nice food photos!

    I had Chinese delivery last night. One of the few saving graces of living in town is being able to have food delivered. The only other saving grace is fast internet!

    I miss my 59,000 acres! LOL

  3. I had Beans and weiners for dinner... My Wife is away for a few days and I am fending for myself. I thought I was doing ok until I saw your delicious pictures!

  4. Beans and weiners? Now you're making me feel sorry for you. Do I need to ship you some frozen pizzas? LOL


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