Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Aloha! Mahalo for the Kaua'i chair Q!!

Another mai tai please!

(Aloha Joe's Hawaiian music streamed live on the internet)

I guess since it's too hot outside to take my own photos I will just steal some from somebody else!

I bought a new toy last week to use in my laser engraving business, it's an Intuos 4 pen tablet by Wacom. It's designed to let you use a pen instead of a mouse so that you can get very precise lines when drawing. Come to find out, it's specifically set up for use with Adobe Photoshop (who knew? LOL) so I just had to play with it a little since Q gave me the opening.

Now keep in mind, when it comes to computers I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer so it took me a little while to put this photo together. And by a little while, I mean I could have gotten on a plane and flown to Kaua'i and taken the picture there in about the same amount of time it took me to make this composite. Hopefully I will get better and quicker with practice on this tablet.


  1. I knew it, I knew it! He was just teasing when saying he only had two numbers out of six on his lottery ticket! Paul he got all them Ducks in a row! Quynh, then he had the nerve to set in your chair while asking me to fix him some Foo-Foo drink with two umbrellas and a Palm Tree! Wait a minute, I take it all back, I bet our tickets along with our New Nikons, arrive Special Delivery tomorrow. LOL

    This is some slick technology. I can just imagine how beneficial this will be in your work.

    What am I to believe anymore? A Treasure Hunter with this type of abilities!! Mumble...Mumble...Mumb....! LOL

  2. Hurry up with that drink Parker, I'm getting thirsty! LOL

    Now you're the funny man!!!

    Hmmmmm, treasure pictures, I never would have thought of that! LOL

  3. Don't you Dare, unless you clue me in!LOL

  4. Very well done! I'm impressed. Now if you could just put me in that yellow chair for real...

    Looks like you are going to have fun with that tablet that just happens to be compatable with Photoshop go figure. LOL

  5. I just tbought my lottery ticket for tonight, $111 million dollars could be mine! I think I could swing putting you in that chair with that kind of money.

  6. This is great! I could not stop laughing after I saw this picture. You are a fast learner, and it looks like a original picture. I'm still laughinggggggggggggggggg.


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