Saturday, July 16, 2011


Also known as the Dog Days Of Summer in these parts. By early afternoon all activity is usually halted . Everyone, including the Dogs, are laid up in the shade. Hundred degree temps take a toll unless one practices this ritual. Late afternoon, when the shadows start to get long, Man and Beast again will begin to stir. Canoes will be uprighted and easily slid into the water where paddlers of all ages will once again become active after their long midday break from the heat. Laughter comes easy. We all know that the best time of day, from now until after dark is before us. Taught by generations before us, we know how to survive the Dog Days!
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  1. I think that your photograph is perfect for the commentary you've written or is it the commentary that's perfect for the photograph...

    Either way, nicely captured and well stated!

  2. Lazy days of summer?? I need you to talk to Cheryl, I've been trying to be lazy for months now and she won't let me get away with it! LOL

    This is a perfect shot for your great commentary. It brings out the thoughts of just sitting back in a canoe with a fishing pole and relaxing.

  3. This is a perfect picture for Summer. With the temp. in 100's, yes we need to relax.


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