Monday, July 25, 2011

Waimea Canyon, Kauai.

I just want to add this articles along with my photos. I'm sure captain Cook left some treasures in this area that no one have mentioned. This is your chance for Parker, and Ron to strike rich and famous. If you do, please hire me as your personal photographer.

The Kauai island, where the rustic Waimea is nestled, was formed through volcanic eruptions as depicted by the famed Waimea Canyon. The most ancient, if not oldest, among Aloha state's eight major islands, Kauai is said to be the base of an active volcano during the pre-historic times. Historians believe that years ago, the volcano in this island used to erupt every so often. Eventually, the place wasn't able to tolerate more pressure and soon collapsed. The gigantic breakdown resulted in lava flows, the remnants of which are still evident nowadays in Waimea Canyon.

The interesting geological history of Waimea, and Kauai in general, is the subject of several books and journals. Scientists believe that Waimea in Kauai island is actually the original name of the active volcano nestled in the place. After a landslide, which resulted in the massive erosion on the eastern corner of Kauai, an erosion of Kauai's other volcano (named Lihue, also among the booming towns at present) soon followed. Since then, natives from other towns and island relocated to Waimea and the adjacent areas.

In 1778, prominent European explorer Captain James Cook was believed to set foot on the rustic town of Waimea before any other explorer did. Cook's initial visit to the island prompted the coming of foreigners who eventually settled in the island. This triggered feud between the native inhabitants and foreigners, resulting in a series of bloody skirmishes that lasted for years. Kauai island, including Waimea, is among the very few areas in the Aloha state that wasn't manipulated by the great Hawaiian ruler, King Kamehameha I.


  1. OK, first off, FANTASTC photos!!!

    That's an amazing place to photo and I love all of the colors. Did you manipulate these much in a photo program?

    Second, FANTASTIC photos!! Did I say that already? I like the fact that you put the article about the place with the photos. That was a nice touch and something that will bring more viewers to the blog through search engines (I am slowly learning).

    Third, I want to visit all of the Hawaiian islands eventually but these photos have now made me want to go to Kaua'i even worse. I don't know if I should thank you for that or not! LOL

  2. Colorful and rugged canyons.
    Would love to spend some time Back Packing and exploring the remote parts of those canyons. One never knows what one will find!

  3. Ron,
    I just add the unsharp mask on these pictures because I did not have time to go back to the car to get my tripod.

  4. What a spectacular vista! Q you have really done a nice job of presenting these pictures and nice commentary to go with.

    I'm thinking I'm going to have to add Kuaui to my "Bucket list".


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