Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Grand Teton National Park.

These are old photos from last year. It's too hot outside to do anything. So therefore, I'm digging out old files to see I have overlooked anything before.


  1. Wow!!

    I like both of these photos but the one with the building in it is my favorite.

    These are really great! Everything is in focus and super clear.

    Even though I think the first one is my favorite, I really like the bottom one. I love the way you got the clouds wrapping around the mountains. And the snow on the mountains makes me feel cool and ready to go outside!

  2. Ahh Mr."Q",
    Cool Pics on a Hot Day! As Ron said, everything is in focus and super clear. As far as the Rockies goes this Range is and has always been a favorite of mine. You were there at a perfect time of year to capture their Grandeur. The early day French Trappers I suspect would be very proud of your renderings of these magnificent Mountains that they named.

  3. Wow Q these are both spectacular! Nice and sharp ane the lighting seems just right. I can't decide which one I like best.

    So were these panorama shots stitched together or did you just crop both photos that way?

    For what it's worth it got up to 72°F here today...

  4. 72?? Now you're just rubbing it in! There went your trip to hawaii. LOL

    How'd you get the degree symbol on your post????? I don't think my computer has one of those.

  5. Paul, I just cropped these pictures.

  6. The degree symbol is an asci character not on keyboards. To bring up asci characters hold the Alt key down and input the number of the character you want. for example Alt 248 is °. Try a few other numbers you will be suprised what comes up! ☻ƒ╚§╣∞ interesting eh? Google asci you can get a whole list of characters to play with!


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