Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kauai, Hawaii.

Cast away from Kauai.

This is where we stay every time we visit Kauai.

Caught this tourist enjoying the Sunrise.


  1. A tourist huh? I guess with those ear buds in she didn't notice you sneaking up behind her with a tripod and flash? LOL

    I love this series of shots. I think the middle one showing where you stay is a great photo. Using the lines in the sand to lead you into the photo was a very nice touch. Does your room come with it's own rake so you can rake the sand? LOL

    A castaway, that's cute.

  2. Sure looks like a pleasant place to spend some time. Always seems your whole family enjoys themselves. I bet the girl in bottom pic is imagining what it would be to live here full time.

  3. Parker, you can read people mind. She have been talking to me about buying a piece of land there for our kids future.

  4. So is that the immunity idol in the top photo? This way you don't get voted off the island! LOL

    Looks like a comfortable place you stay at when visiting Kauai.

    That tourist in the bottom photo looks like vaguely familiar... In fact I think I have seen this same tourist in some of your other photos! Perhaps she is following you... LOL

  5. For the kids future Q? Who are you kidding, we know it's for you. And I for one don't blame you a bit!! LOL

    The last time Cheryl and I were on Maui we came back and started looking at a bed and breakfast that was for sale on the island. We figrued we could get paid to stay there but in the end it was just too expensive. (about 1.5 million and it didn't come with a guarantee that the boarding/hotel license would transfer.)


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