Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ripples in the sand

I'm still combing my way through the old photos and I seem to be stuck in the Hawaii file. I still can't seem to make the time to get out and take any new photos.

A honu (sea turtle) shot from above while snorkeling.


  1. Those cool looking waters along with a cool pic of a sea turtle makes for a good photo on a Hot day!

  2. I can see you still have a sad case of Hawaii on the brain... Can't understand why! LOL
    Nice honu shot! So... How many underwater shots did you take anyway? You just keep coming up with more!

  3. I grab on one these in Kauai before while snorkeling. After I share the story with a bartender, I found that it's illegal to touch this creature in Hawaii.

  4. Paul, ever since I bought our plane tickets I just can't think of anything else!

    I'm just about out of the underwater photos. A few more and I will be done. I need to go to the lake and practice with my new underwater rig but I haven't had the time.


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