Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dallas World Aquarium.

These pictures are from indoor facility, and there's no room for my tripod. This is the best I can do on handheld with 70-200mm lens. Man, I can see I'm getting old. Just couple years ago, I can hold this lens with one hand, and shoot a wedding all night.


  1. These are nice shots. For some reason it looks like all three of your subjects were giving you "the evil eye". Did you do something to make them mad?

    I guess as we get older we'll have to hope they make better vibration control on the lenses! LOL

  2. Getting old!! The best people I know are doing this. Beats the alternative.

    I knew it! Consistantly using a tripod can be detrimental to muscle strength.LOL

    Sometimes snapshots are just a way of recording a fun day with no expectation of perfect photos.

  3. Parker said,
    "Consistantly using a tripod can be detrimental to muscle strength"

    I like that! I think I will have t-shirts made!! LOL

  4. Surely there must be some mistake in your post... It said these pictures were hand held! LOL
    I really like the middle picture, great bokeh!


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