Saturday, July 9, 2011


Everyone in Oklahoma has been made aware thru news media that this is the place to come for
Hamburgers, Pie&Homemade Ice Cream.
There must be untold thousands of mundane Pics taken to record the visit such as the one above.
I certainly have mine.
Why not try and make those bland Pics a little more interesting?
I use an editing program called Picasa 3. Free and entailing a wide variety of options for tweaking
and making one's so-so shots maybe a little more appealing. By no means am I suggesting that every Pic be altered because I truly believe that every Digital Pic should be composed as we had no editing program. But even in the film days we all had our little tricks to push the film and development of. The Before and after shot of Meers I hope illustrates my point. Cropped in Picasa then taken over to Picnic for a workover in what they call HDR-ish, in my humble opinion
gave me a Pic that would normally would be forgot. I am in no way proficient using this program as this is a first attempt but not last.
My other attempt, in the same order as above, but in what Picnic calls LOMO-ish is the re-located train Depot Station located at the Great Plains Museum in Lawton. A dull museum pic at best!
Yes, I know. The colors are not true to form. Bright and Bold and saturated to the point of distortion. Then again, this bland Pic was saved from the Delete Button to a Shot that I would show someone. Museum Pics are hard to keep someone interested at a showing. Just maybe a little creativity in an editing program will stretch the attention span.
Coming over to the Digital side of Photography has been a challange as well as even posting on this Blog. I have reservations about all these Editing Programs until I begin to remember that all we are doing is presenting our Art as we want it to be seen. The Photos we post comes from the Heart and Soul of each of us. Some special, some not so, but share we do. So, don't be to quick when scrolling over your files, there just might be a Work of Art hiding amongst the bland and mundane!


  1. Playing with an editing program? I would never do that! LOL

    That's they way we learn and I agree with your analogy of our Art. It is an expression of who we are and what we like. (or maybe how lucky we were to be in the right spots at the right time!)

    I like the museum photo, nothing boring there. The bottom photo is better, I like the colors and the fact it is cropped a little to take out the car in the background.

    This one might have been a good canidate for black and white, you might not be able to tell it was a modern day photo. Can you work that magic in you programs? I think that would be neat!

  2. I like the changes you made to both pictures especially the top one.
    I am a firm believer in photo editing... Often this is the only way I can get the picture I took to reflect what I saw in the first place!

  3. You have done a great job on PS to these photos. Most of the time we need to add more colors into our photos. Those Engineers are still working how to get the true colors on the CMOS sensor. Unless, someone come up a processor that could process more than 3 color channels. Also, they need to take away the old design grow Oxide on Silicon, and design different substrate instead of Silicon.


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