Thursday, July 21, 2011

Learning lessons

With us moving and it being so hot I've only gotten out twice in the last several weeks to take any new photos. I have been going through a lot of my old photos and I have come to the conclusion that until I started talking with the other photographers on this blog, I was taking some pretty mediocre photos.

I'm still not taking really great photos but over the last couple of years of posting on here I have learned a lot, thanks to you guys.

I will have to win the lottery just so I can thank you with a trip to Hawaii!!


  1. I fully understand about not getting out. It's been since the middle of June for me.

    I'm covinced that photography is a never ending learning experience and this is what keeps it interesting. I have no clue when one reaches the top of the learning curve. Everyone advances as time allows and interest continues. It certainly is viewed with pride when I see my fellow photographers advance their skills. And like you, many thanks indeed for the many excellent ideas and tips shared. Much is learned by just studying the pics themselves, how was this composed, how did they set the exposure, what lens was used, manual or auto, what would improve the shot??? On and On and On!

    Is this a pic of the petal eating worm or of the Day Lilly! Great pic for the question of "How should I interpret My Pic)?

    Maybe you should double up on lottery tickets. A heat beating trip would sure be nice about now!!LOL

  2. I was just taking a picture of the pretty colors. :~)

    Double up? I may break at the jar of change and quad-druple up!

  3. Building on Parkers comment, I don't think one ever comes to the end of learning and improving ones skills when it comes to photography.

    Frankly I have seen improvements in all of our photographs and the way we present them.

    Nice bright day lilly picture, interesting too that you got the worm in the picture!


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