Wednesday, July 6, 2011

More from the Rainforest

Here are a couple more pictures from the Rainforest. The top photo is actually 4 pictures combined in CS4 and the bottom photo is with the ultra wide at 10mm. All pictures were hand held but I do keep a tripod behind the seat of my truck...


  1. Nicely done! Especially enjoy the bottom pic. Faint trail passing by some large old growth trees keeps drawing me deeper into the rain forest. I knew there had to be a tripod involved in this shot!LOL

  2. Very Nice! Have you try these photos on the HDR yet? I'm not sure CS4 have that or not. But, I think the bottom picture is a good sample to apply the HDR on it.

  3. These are both nice shots but the top one is fantastic!! I really like it a lot.

    The subject matter is perfect and it just gives you that feel of being there. Maybe even being hunted by an alien! LOL


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