Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Derelict hull

Went for a little hike last Sunday mostly to wear the dogs down... By the end of the day they were still full of beans and I was beat! LOL

This is a view of the Coal Harbour Waterfront from the far side of Stephens Bay looking North.


  1. Paul, you are so much in your element when creating photos in the Bays and Waters of your area that you live and work in. This comfortable and easiness carrys over into the pics that we get to view on Shutterbugs. Like an old pair of jeans, a well washed flannel shirt, and my old broke-in tennis shoes, I sure enjoy seeing these well composed and exposed photos around Vancouver Island.

  2. I love this shot! It has a little bit of everything that makes it intersting, lots of different colors and objectws, the clouds in the sky give it a little texture and everything is in focus and sharp.

    Nice job!

  3. Just a footnote on this picture...

    To get the sky as well as everything else in this picture about the same exposure as the eye sees I had the camera set to -0.7ev and then when I got the picture home to my computer I used the "Shadows/Highlights" feature in Photoshop to lighten shadows slightly. Kind of a poor man's HDR

  4. Well you did a damn fine job! I'm slowly learning to "play" with things, figuring I'm not really going to hurt anything by doing it and if it's a shot I really want then I will take ten or two hundred shots of it too make sure I get it. :~)

  5. Well balance picture, it has it all. It seems to me that the boat has been disconnected from the service for a long time. But, I'm sure she have served her owner a great adventure.


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