Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dog days of Summer

I'm pretty sure this picture has most of the right ingredients to qualify as a "Dog days of Summer" picture.

The white dog's name is Buster but lately since his rusty choke chain has been staining his neck we have been calling him Ruster! But Ruster dosn't care what we call him unless of course we call him late for dinner... LOL


  1. Oh Yeah, it qualifies. Most of the cooking is done outside to keep the house cooler. All the dogs either sits or lies with their eyes closed. When sitting tends to tilt to one side as if about to fall over asleep. Have seen some sleep for hours in this position, just too Hot to lay down. Fleas even take a break so no exertion from scratching will raise body temp. The only thing that will interupt this self induced coma will be when someone hollers Lets Eat!!

  2. "Ruster" looks like he's ready for a nap!

    Cooking outside when it's 100+ degrees means calling for takeout! LOL

    This definitely qualifies for a Dog Days of Summer photo. You've got everything you need, a fire, food on the fire and a dog taking a nap. It looks like your fire pit is about to be overgrown by the rain forest.

    Should we start a collection to get "Ruster" a new collar? LOL

  3. I would love to do this right now in Texas. But, we don't need the fire to cook our hot dogs, just put on the rock for few minutes.


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