Sunday, July 31, 2011

Setup the Camera!

The two pictures of me are from my friend camera. I just want to post these pictures for you guys to see the way I setup my shot.


  1. I like the tripod! No, really, I do! I've been thinking about buying one that will spread the legs out like that to get the low shots.

    It looks like you were working in a crowd on the top shot. I'm amazed you didn't end up with somebody's foot in the shot. LOL

    I'm also suprised at the top shot. In just looking at it I would have thought this was a long shot down a small creek and not just a short little clip of a piece of the stream. That's good framing!

  2. You were definately shooting low and slow in the creek. Sure alot of people around. Nice angle on your beach setup. Makes for a long view or depth in the pic. In both pics I could see the little photographer wheels turning in your mind as you worked.LOL

  3. The wide stance on your tripod would make for a good solid platform for your camera. The next tripod I purchase will have to have this feature for sure.

    Sure like the beach picture. The lower perspective gives lots of foreground which really adds to this picture. Like the warm feel to the post processing in this picture also.


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