Monday, July 18, 2011


Found this interesting pair of sandstone rocks while out hiking last week. Taken with the Sigma ultrawide at 10mm.

I am finding that I get way better sky and less blown highlights if I set the camera to an exposure of -0.3 or -0.7 then brighten up the picture as needed when I get it home. This picture is taken at -0.7 and barely needed any brightness adjustment at all.


  1. I like this! The clarity and detail is terrific. I like the clouds and the mountains in the far background and everything is in focus from front to back.

    You just got to love that wide angle lens!

    Thanks for the tip on the EV. I usually keep my D300 set at -0.3. It seems to do better unless I'm indoors.

    Something I have learned from Q, always shoot in RAW. You can change just about everything in RAW before you go into actually post processing a photo. You can make adjustments in the exposure and white balance that give the photo just the right balance before changing anything else.

    It's an extra step in the processing but it sure can make a big difference on a photo that just isn't quite right.

  2. Nature sure provides mankind interesting sculptures to enjoy. Exposed to the elements such as these are, can't help but wonder how many years of erosion took place to get to this point. How many more years until all that will be left is a pebble.

    Very bright blue sky and with just the right amount of clouds to enhance the blue. Thanks for the exposure tips.

    On the far horizon I see snow still on the Mountain tops!

  3. Good work on the exposure! In this particular lighting, it would be great if you have a CP filter when the sun is 90 degree from your camera.


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