Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Smith's Garden in Kauai.

The immigrants live in these shelters while working in the sugar plantation in late 1800's.


  1. Privacy and a roof over your head. What else does a man need! Spartan living for sure.

    What an inviting yellow chair. Was it being saved for me?LOL

  2. Sure looks like a great place to visit... Warm tropical breezes blowing in the palms.

    The chair in the bottom picture overlooking the lake invites the viewer to come on in and relax.

    Nice group of photos!

  3. The top photo looks like the kind of house I could afford in Hawaii! LOL

    These are all nice shots but I really like the bottom one with the chair. The yellow really brings something to the photo.

    The only thing missing is a mai tai sitting on the arm of the chair!


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