Wednesday, July 13, 2011


A short drive from where I live are the ruins of an old coal mine from the 1850s which never really came into production.

Not much is left there as evidence of the mine but some of the old steam powered equipment and what not on the surface can still be found in the forest which has grown up around the site.

The mine managers house is long gone but it's two chimneys still stand tall and straight where the stone mason put them so many years ago. Truely a testiment to the mason's abilities.

Each picture is actually a combination of 3 pictures taken at different exposures and processed with Photoshop CS4s HDR feature. All pictures were taken with the Sigma ultrawide at 10mm on a tripod believe it or not... LOL


  1. What an interesting place to explore and poke around at. These ruins seem custom made for photography. Neglected with no care they surely are testaments to the skills of the masons. Makes me wonder about the size of the foundation which supports them and the mixture of the mortar which binds the stones.

    I am glad to see you still processing with the HDR feature. Seems to bring out a new dimension in your work.

    Enjoyed the well written commentary, and I'm sure Q is smiling at your use of the tripod.

  2. I like these shots a lot. It looks like you were wondering around in the Amazon and came across a lost civilization.

    I just hate it when you learn new stuff, now I have to go out and try to take some photos and play with the HDR. LOL

  3. I like to take pictures with these old structures like this. I'm sure one day someone will need these pictures for history documentation. Good Work!


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