Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Gato is a re-purposed cat. Fancy name for "found at a yard sale for a dollar". He came attached with strings. A 'Puppet" by trade in his former life. After trimming the strings that controlled him, he now gets to sit and keep watch over the screened porch. Staring at Josey, the House Dog and making her bark, is his other job. Sometimes at night he gets to be repositioned with his hips high in the air and front legs flat on the table. A mouse wouldn't dare come by Gato in his stealth position and his ever watchfull eyes!

The blue perch that Gato calls home is handmade from twisted and bent limbs from willow trees that grew along the creeks of early day Oklahoma. The top surface from discarded wooden crates. Bought from Gypsies that were traveling by horse drawn wagons and camped along a creek outside of town. It was a side or end table that was part of a set that occupied a part of the large front porch of my wife's Grandfather. Doctor, as we called him told us that he purchased it in the 1920's or early 1930's.

So, now we have a re-purposed cat making use of a re-purposed table. We are frugal around here. I don't think either one minds!
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  1. El Gato no strings attached and great commentary to go with!

    I'm sure I've seen "Amaricana" carvings like this on "Antiques Road Show"... What a great find.

  2. He looks kind of scary to me. After a few coronas and the sun goes down he'd probably give me a heart attack if I forgot he was there. He'd be luck that Chucky doll that comes to life. LOL

    Lots of color in that photo!

  3. Wow! And for just a dollar!! Great find.

  4. Great find. I need to pay more attention to these things at the garage sale.


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