Saturday, July 16, 2011

Big wheel!

This is the last of my pictures of the remnants at the old Suquash Mine site.

The cast iron wheel origionally used at the top of a headframe for hoisting coal cars in and out of the mine is about 10 feet across and in very good condition considering it's 150+ year age.

This is another HDR combination of 3 photographs using Photoshop CS4, the Sigma 10 - 20 at 10mm and a tripod.


  1. Well Professor, this has certainly been a series that was much enjoyed. Very nice pictures all with an HDR finish to enhance. Informative narratives that made me want to read more. Yes I had to do a web search to satisfy my curiosity for more info. Great Pics and Good Information! Nice!

  2. This is a cool shot! The HDR and the way you have shot this gives it an almost 3D quality.

    You're getting pretty good with that tripod. Now all you need is a couple of filters and you'll be good to go! LOL

  3. Well, someone getting really comfortable with the tripod! "Did you hear me Ron." LOL. I like the colors on the wheel, the HDR really bring out the rusty looks to it. Good Work!


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