Tuesday, July 26, 2011

FV Dolphin

Passed this local boat on my way to Quatsino the other day. Just by chance we met up at Cat Face Rocks the only part of the Quatsino Narrows that isn't trees all the way to the water. So I shot it, with my camera of course, handheld at 135mm from a moving platform. (My boat) Turned out not bad if I do say so myself!


  1. Have been batching it for the last few days, so tonight I put a TV Dinner in the oven while I was on the internet... Burned the silly thing though still edible but way too hot to eat. So while I did this post I let it cool but got side tracked and sure enough it got cold. So for dinner I had cold burnt TV Dinner! Yuk.

    And I used to be such a capable batchlor too...

  2. What a place for a chance meeting! Very colorful and appears to be a well maintained boat.

    Cold burnt TV DINNER! You need to stick to what you do well......... Take Photos and Drive Boats!! At least try Campbells Soup or better yet, Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches!!LOL

  3. Sorry about your dinner! Maybe you need a fast internet connection so you don't have to burn your dinner again. LOL.

    I like this picture a lot, nice choice of the background. The boat would not standout if the wall not being there.

    Also, I just want to say that, I have joined this blog for over a year now. Just a short time I can see you, Parker, and Ron have been showing some new techniques, and great skills on your photography.

    Hopefully, the other shooters from this blog post their pictures as well, so we can learn from them.

  4. I love this shot, you did great! The contrasting colors really make this photo pop. The red boat mixed in with the gray and green is just perfect.

    Handheld, shooting on the fly, you would never have known. If you hadn't said anything I would have thought you were on shore using a tripod.

    Cold, burnt TV dinner? Don't they have any take out pizza joints in your town? LOL

    Q, it would be my opinion that all of us have benefitted greatly from your knowledge, I know I have. I look at compositions differently and I use a lot more of the camera functions than I ever thought possible. I can also cook a pretty mean asian pork chop now too! LOL

    What we need now is some cooler weather so we can get out and take some shots. When it gets to the 100 mark I don't want to do anything except sit in the house.


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